15 Feb. 2018 – Group Discussion including members’ aerials

Geoff’s CobWeb

Geoff, G4CEP started the evening’s aerial presentation by showing photos of his CobWeb which he assembled and tested with the help of another club member.  Other aerials at his location include a G5RV, a dipole, a long wire and the single driven element from a tri band beam which, although redundant is acting as a ‘place holder’ for a planned mini-beam.

Dennis, M0JXM then followed with a detailed description of the equipment used in his shack. It would appear that most amateur bands are catered for with exception to the very high end of UHF. Some of the equipment, such as that used at LF, has been either designed or modified homebrew type and it doesn’t look out of place next to his commercial items!

Group discussions followed about plans for the club’s 70th year celebrations.