22 Feb 2018 – Computer Logging by Gareth, M5KVK

Gareth began by asking members how many used computer logging. The answer was interesting in that only about half of the members present indicated they did. He then continued by noting that although logging is no longer required, in most instances, by Ofcom, there are numerous reasons to keep a log. Those working toward awards need to keep a close tally of the stations they have worked, both for awards and to send and receive QSL cards. PC logging might be for personal satisfaction or data analysis as well as social history.  It was noted that eHam lists no fewer than 140 PC logging programs, some free and others to buy.  It would appear that Log4OM is one of the most popular free logs, followed by Ham Radio Deluxe which used to be free but is now closely maintained, for a price. Gareth asked how many members used their PC logging program to control their rig and the uptake was much less than half of those present.

Several screen shots of Log4OM and Ham Radio Deluxe were shown in order to point out the info provided while operating and logging.

Gareth finished by giving a short rundown of logs that can operate remotely. Using his phone as an internet hot spot, he connected to his home rig and tuned around the bands but didn’t make transmissions.

A copy of Gareth’s presentation can be seen by contacting Ken for a link.       (Members only)