08 March 2018 – What is Arduino, by Don, G4LOO

Arduino Mega, Uno and Nano

A very good turn out attended Don’s presentation on the Arduino. First of all, Don explained the name, which to us sounds a bit strange. It comes from the name of the bar in Italy where some of the founders of the project used to meet. The bar was named after Arduin of ivrea, who was the King of Italy from 1002 to 1014.

These micro controllers come in over twenty official boards, each slightly different in design. Don gave the costs of the official boards and the amazingly low prices of copies from China.

He then went on to detail what the boards could do and gave an insight into the interfacing and programming.

The usefulness of these micro controllers was shown in the Spectrum Analyser with Tracking Generator he submitted in his Kit class winner of the Annual Construction Contest.  (Blog dated 8 Feb. 2018)   Other amateur radio related projects he has built include a battery discharge monitor and an electronic compass and supply monitor for his 10 GHz transceiver. Don ended his presentation with an Arduino unit sending “Any Questions?” in CW.