13 Sept. 2012 – Welcome Back and Project Check/Test

The first meeting of the new season saw members a bit thin on the ground, but those who did attend welcomed two visitors and then saw a demo of a commercially produced Noise Canceller under test.

Ian, G3ORG and Richard, G3NII had set up a signal generator and a spectrum analyzer to see just how much a signal could be eliminated.  The result was not all the way to zero, however, Ian then set up his own model of the  Club Project, The SADARS Noise Eliminator, which cost about a tenth of the price to build and that showed the signal being completely eliminated!  There were nods of approval all around. The group’s attention was then drawn to the one I had built.  A cheer went up when it also showed the complete elimination of the signal.  (to my great relief).

The success of this Club Project is due to the effort and expertise shown by Richard  (development) and Ian (testing) .Well done! and Thank you on behalf of the members who built the project.