7 Feb 2019 – Construction Contest Winners Talk

First up was Martin, M0XMP who won the kit class section of the contest with his QCX 5w CW transceiver. This kit supplied by QRP Labs is very complete and the downloadable instructions, all 142 pages, were described as ‘like Heathkit’ on steroids!  Martin showed his copy with each part described and followed up with a colour illustration as to where and how it should be fitted.

Martin was especially pleased the unit came with a built in signal generator and alignment tools as well as a voltmeter, RF power meter and frequency counter so the builder does not have to have a workshop full of test equipment to get it going.  Martin demonstrated the unit decoding CW and it was pointed out that it can also be used for stand alone WSPR transmissions.

All this is very impressive for the modest price being asked. See all the details at:  www.qrp-labs.com               or watch a video at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6zlCuPq2aNA

close up of part of instructions with red squares showing where to insert 100 nF capacitors


Don, G4LOO won the Weekend Special with his very simple project used to locate dislocated buried radials. The idea came originally from a published article which could easily be adopted and implemented. Don found that rabbits had been chewing the ends of his buried radials at the central connection point at the base of his four square antenna. Using this unit Don could  walk along  the area over the radial and carrying a small MF radio taped to the end of a cane (like a metal detector) could listen for a null and thereby detect the broken wire.

Radial pattern for 80m four square antenna