17 Jan 2013 – Intro to the New Club Project


Richard, G3NII, said that after looking at several potential new project ideas, a digital antenna analyser was chosen. This would have a two line display showing three pages: the start-up, the battery test voltage and the antenna measurements.  It will also be possible to use a small AC power supply to save the nine volt battery.  It is expected that the current drawn will be about 70 to 80 milliamps, giving a battery life of about three hours of actual use.  An interjection from the floor suggested we might get spare batteries from Boeing!

A block diagram was shown which indicated the use of a PIC and a three line LCD display.  The frequency range is expected to be Top Band to 30MHz but it was noted that measurements could be made down to 400 kHz. to include the new Low band allocation.   Some maths followed to explain the calculations  to be done by the PIC.  An idea of the front panel layout was given and it was noted that the connector could be of the builders’ choice.  In light of other work, Richard said this should be considered as an Autumn 2013 project, as there is still some design work to be finalised. It was hoped that this project would cost about £38 in total and the project will only be offered to existing club members.

Last week’s meeting – 10 Jan 2013

Members were welcomed back fron the Christmas/New Year break and a general discussion followed.