31 Jan 2020 – I can hear it, why can’t I decode it?

This evening’s programme was meant to follow the live demo of FT8, however, since the person giving the demo was called away, the demo will be moved to another evening.  All of which means this evening’s planned programme needs to be held over till we have seen the demo. To that end, the assembled group of members decided to watch another video instead.

Unfortunately, the video which looked to be the most interesting, turned out to be less than expected. The presenter held up various items which we couldn’t make out and there was never a description.  Most of the presentation was two views side by side on the screen of which the view with the technical details were presented in lettering too small to read from the second row in the auditorium. There were some questions as to the validity of the earthing system being proposed as the best to use in the shack.  All in all, a bit of a disappointment.