4 April 2013 – Setting up a Community Radio Station

Steve at the mic

The station in question is the Peterborough Youth Radio station and last evening it was broadcasting from the Shefford Amateur Radio Society meeting at the Shefford Community Hall, or it could have been.  Steve, M0DYR explained that the internet streamed radio station can be originated from almost anywhere and sent to the studio via 3G or the internet. The recorded programmes are then streamed on the internet.

Steve started by telling the assembly about his early start in radio at the age of 8.  Beside his interest in amateur radio he also has an interest in running a disco and broadcast radio and that led to his being the Technical Manager at Peterborough Youth Radio station.  They have faced most of the problems which beset a new start up, such as trying to raise money to maintain their small charity status by appearing at outside events such as carnivals, fetes and local hospital events. They are always looking for local advertisers and sponsors.  Although still an internet based station they still have to comply with the laws which compel them to make performing rights payments for all the music that is played.

The station has twenty-five regular presenters and can boast that, to date, they have had a total of one and a half thousand returning listeners.  They maintain an active presence on Facebook and Twitter where they get almost immediate feedback on their activities.

You can listen at:  www.peterboroughyouthradio.co.uk    www.pyronline.co.uk   www.pyrfm.co.uk