3 October 2013 – CQWW SSB Contest Planning

As contests go, this one is the mainstay of the club’s activities in HF contesting. The club’s equipment officer, Don, G4LOO, although not the contest officer, gave a presentation on our participation in CQWW SSB through the years. Members were pleasantly surprised to see that the club has made steady progress towards the top of the category.

 Members could see from Don’s facts that there is still plenty of room for improvement!  Details showed that the improvement can come from simple changes and that wholesale changes were not required.  Accuracy in logging was one way to make a marked improvement.  Rule infringements were few, but it hadn’t been noticed that a more prompt submission is now required. That should be easily addressed. Members were agreed that this club’s setup for contesting would be the envy of many clubs. 

The rota will be posted elsewhere on this website, so members can always find a spot to lend a hand.