1 May 2014 – Fiftyfive Years in Radio

The Ship

Members and visitors came to hear the story of the start of Pop Radio and Radio Caroline from one who was there!  Keith Skues, born in Cheshire started his broadcasting career with the British Forces Network in Germany. After a number of overseas postings, he was one of the first DJs on Radio Caroline in 1964.  Keith recounted his early days on the ship mi amigo, moored off the east coast and broadcasting mainly toward London. Life on the ship was very basic and not at all as portrayed in the film about Pirate Radio released around that time.  As Keith recounted, when his book was reviewed as a possible basis for the film, it was returned to him with a polite ‘No thank you’. When asked why, the reply was that the film was going to be about ‘Sex, Drugs, and Rock & Roll, your book is only Rock & Roll!   Keith described life aboard the ship in cramped conditions and all weathers. Then things took a turn for the worse when the government wanted to close them down and passed a bill making their operations illegal. Eventually, Keith moved on to Radio Luxembourg, Radio London and then BBC Radio 1.  Although now in semi-retirement, he can still be heard on Three Counties Radio on Sunday evenings, and also on BBC iPlayer Radio.

Keith SkuesPhoto by Paul, G1GSN