30 Oct 2014 – A News Reader’s Viewpoint by Paul, G1GSN

Paul detailed the readers in our area, both main, standby and backup.  The scrip is supplied by the RSGB and according to the terms of the reader’s NOV, can’t be altered. The weekly script is made up of the header and trailer which doesn’t change much from week to week but the actual news which is sandwiched in the middle, does.

The main news is then followed by the ‘Local’ news. However there seems to be a problem at the RSGB in pinpointing just what is local to Paul’s QTH. For instance, Paul’s local news does not contain items pertaining to Shefford, Bedford, Cambridge, Huntingdon nor Milton Keynes; all areas within the boundaries of his transmissions. However, those listed as ‘local’ are all some distance away and for the most part are covered by other newsreaders actually in those areas.  While newsreaders need a good readable signal, running more power than needed for local reception can cause conflicts  in other newsreader’s territories.

Discussions followed which included our club programme details which should appear in Radcom, and the local news broadcast, but after numerous emails and phone calls still don’t appear on a regular basis.

Paul stressed the importance of feedback after each broadcast, which could be compiled and presented to those who co-ordinate the broadcasts in an effort to improve the service.