16 July 2015 – CERN by Eddie Erbes

photo by CERN
photo by CERN

Eddie, M0HDK, gave a talk covering CERN (The European Centre for Nuclear Research) and a brief history of nuclear physics.

CERN was established in 1954 at Meyrin, Switzerland and is the largest particle physics laboratory in the world. There are 22 members (The UK contributes 146.96 million Swiss Francs or 12.5% of the budget, the biggest contributor is Germany contributing 18.6% of the budget). There are 2,400 full time employees, 1,500 part time employees and up to 10,000 visiting scientists.

CERN is the home of the Large Hadron Collider housed in a 27 km circumference tunnel that straddles the Franco-Swiss border. Following a two –year break for maintenance the LHC re-started in April this year. The most well-known discovery was the Higgs Boson particle in March 2010.

Eddie then covered the work of John Dalton in the development of modern atomic theory; the work of Mendeleev on the periodic table, then moved on to Thomson and Rutherford and Dirac and covered quantum mechanics and antimatter. Eddie also covered the development of cyclotrons, cloud chambers, spark chambers, bubble chambers and linear accelerators.                                          ( Text by Owen, G0PHY)


Eddie shows the building blocks of particles and their interactions.
Eddie shows the building blocks of particles and their interactions.             (Photo by Paul G1GSN)