13 June 3013 – VHF/UHF NFD Planning

Paul, G1GSN, who led the planning session said the location had been registered with the Contest Committee. We would be entering the same sections as last year; 4M and 6M would be in the restricted section. The location of the site and maps were offered to members who were not familiar with the area.

Paul then followed by making a list of the equipment that needed to be supplied by members or the club, which in addition to radios, included such items as tents, tables, chairs and laptops with updated software.

It was decided that the heavy equipment would be moved on the site on Friday since there were some members who would be staying overnight. The main job of setting up would start on Saturday morning at about 09:00 to be ready for the contest start at 3PM BST.

Discussions followed about operating techniques and the need for accurate logging.