20 June 2013 – 2M Mobile DF Hunt

The Summer Mobile DF hunt took place last evening in Shefford. Although it had been raining earlier in the day, the evening turned out fine.  Five vehicles set out at 8pm searching for Bryan, M0BIK who was the fox, assisted by Terry, G4UEM. Bryan’s 25 milliwatts from behind The Bridge pub,which is about 200 yds from the clubhouse was very strong at the starting line. The starting mileage from each entrant was registered since the member who drove the shortest distance would be the winner.  The final count was:

·         Stewart G3RXQ = 4.8 miles  (the winner)

      Steve M0DYR = just short of 7 miles

·         John 2E0OAK = 7 miles

·         Paul G1GSN = 8 miles

·         Derek M0DLM = 9 miles