9 Jan 2014 – Welcome back!

For the first meeting of the New Year, we had an informal chat. Many topics were covered and one was the state of the club’s web site. 

 Members must have noticed that, among other things, the calendar hasn’t been updated in a good while.  This is not due to lack of interest or failure on the webmasters part, but a change of software has left the site un-responsive.  For some time now the software used to build the site has been unsupported by our host. We had been given a ‘workaround’ but lately that has stopped working with the result that the webmaster has been unable to access most parts of the site.  This Blog still works because it is done with different software.  Our webmaster and committee are very aware of the potential problems associated with a dead site and please be assured that the situation will be amended as soon as possible.  In the meantime, the programme and updates will be posted here:  http://calendar.g3fje.org.uk

 Discussions also followed about the future use of our club callsign G3B.  We are aware that in order to renew it in three years we will have to use it in more contests.This discussion needs to be taken up by the entire membership and that should be the subject of an evenings meeting.