16 Jan 2014 – My Experience using Raspberry Pi

Allen G4PSO

A good turn out heard Alan, G4PSO describe the little computer originally aimed at youngsters to help them become more aware of what lay behind the computers and game consoles they are so familiar with. The computer described is the product of the Raspberry Pi Foundation, a charity founded in 2009 to promote basic computer science in schools. They developed a single board computer about the size of a credit card which they named the Raspberry Pi.  Developed along with the hardware is a coding system based on building blocks called ‘Scratch’ which makes very basic programmes easy enough for youngsters to use.

 The usefulness of this hardware was not lost on more experienced experimenters. Alan showed how the unit could handle and display still photos and videos as well as  HD video on a Television. The uses to which this unit can be used is almost endless and was shown in the dozens of books and magazines Alan had on display. 

ckt board